L Book 1936

The year is 1936 and America remained stuck in the grip of the Great Depression and if that wasn't enough, a terrible heat wave during the summer killed thousands of people.  Franklin Roosevelt was president and one of his projects which employed thousands of people, the construction of the Hoover Dam, was completed this year. In Flint, Michigan one of the first sit down strikes took place in December when auto workers occupied the General Motors Fisher Body plant for recognition of the United Auto Workers union and fair wages among other issues.

The Summer Olympics were held in Berlin, where African American track star Jesse Owens won four gold medals much to the chagrin of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. Life Magazine began publication in November and the movie The Great Ziegfeld won the Academy Award for best motion picture.

At Lawrence Institute of Technology the Class of 1936 was the first graduating class to have completed their degrees at the University which began in 1932.


Lawrence Technological University